Having been the site of many battles and skirmishes from the French-Indian War, Lake George is unique and diverse both above and below water.  Diving Lake George's submerged heritage offers  an up close, underwater opportunity to view vessels from this time period.  Below are a sample of dive sites that will interest the historian and adventurer in you.

The Land Tortoise (Radeau): A wreck that went down in 1758 and is still in pristine condition.  Divers will see cannon ports, intact original hardware, and oar/rifle openings. An additional $5 fee applies to secure registration and a permit for this protected site. (Adv. Dive)

The Sunken Fleet: This site is home to the remains of Bateaux that were used during the war to move troops and supplies on the lake. 
(Easy Dive)

The Forward: A hands-on opportunity to study the lake. There are 2 wrecks on this site, one dating back to 1906. There are opportunities for the diver to assist in recording temperature, movement and visibility, a navigation course, and fish observation zone. (Easy-Interm.)

Wall Dives: If only we had coral. Some of the wall dives on the lake are true thrill rides. Starting in 30 feet of water, the sheer drop-offs can bottom out at 190+ feet. It will keep your blood pumping. (Interm.-Adv.)

Crystal Hunting: Lake George has a unique site where divers can see the effects of ancient glaciers on the lake where huge slabs of stones are stacked up, creating a reef-like experience. In addition to these rock formations there are countless quartz crystals and Herkimer diamonds to be found here. (Easy)

Additional dives are available that will enable you to see a great variety of fish, find old bottles, and view unique rock formations and drop-offs.

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